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The Outdoor Answer Epic Water Filter system for wide mouth Nalgene bottles

Want to ensure a constant supply of clean drinking water, even on the move? This water filter system might be what you’ve been looking for. by Leon Pantenburg Disclaimer: I bought this Epic Water Filter® system. There is no sponsorship relationship between Epic Water Filters® and, and Epic Water Filters had

On July 15th, 1888, the Bandai Volcano erupted Honshu

Please pray for the millions of our fellow Americans who face flooding from Tropical Storm Barry. — I’d like to make special mention of two new retreat properties listed on First, the Rural Revolution homestead, near Plummer, Idaho. This farm was developed by Don and Patrice Lewis of the great Rural

Mr. & Mrs. WWW. They recently relocated to Idaho.

Editor’s Introductory Note: Today, after a long interval, we present another Retreat Owner Profile. This one is for Mr. and Mrs. Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey (WWW). They recently relocated to Idaho. — Present Home: 5 flat fenced acres with private irrigation and potable wells and river, 15 minutes from two  small towns in

Why You Should Never Talk To The Police

(UPDATED) The police are there to enforce the law – not to interpret the law with regards to a judgement of you and the circumstance you may be in. Depending on the circumstances, you may be arrested, EVEN IF YOU ARE INNOCENT. But here’s the thing… when a LEO reads